Weaving Tips and Tricks

Weaving Tips and Tricks

Pebble Weave Featured ImageMy goal with this website feature is to share my Weaving Tips and Tricks, many of which were taught to me by my sister Ruth. Others I discovered myself when I tried to make a difficult task easy and efficient.

An old Leclerc loom that already had a long and arduous life came to live with me in 2016. In fact, my sister Ruth brought it with her when she came down from Washington State to teach me the basics of loom weaving. And, I’ve been writing about weaving ever since, hoping others can learn quickly and shorten their own learning curves.

My weaving experience is long and vast. As a high school Junior and Senior, I taught Girl Scout campers how to weave pot holders on those little square metal looms of that day. And I taught them how to weave lanyards out of strands of plastic cord.

When I was caregiver for my mother in her declining years, I bought a classic style beginner’s bead weaving loom and wove colorful bands of seed beads for necklaces and bracelets, then sold them at art sales. From there, I graduated to larger bead loom and woven bead hangings and decorative handbags. So, by the time I moved into my little studio/apartment, I was ready to get into big-time weaving projects.

Twill Gamp Towel
My first Large Loom project: A set of cotton towels featuring a sampler of Twill weaves called a “gamp.”

When Ruthie brought my loom home, she, my grandson and I brought it into the tiny studio, piece by piece. I had given away my dining table and chairs to make room, which meant that all meals for the duration of my weaving years, I – and any guests I happen to have – will eat off the work table.

If you are thinking, “She’s going have a very crowded studio” you would be right. However, after so many years of large house living, I decided to take the minimal approach. Admittedly, it gets a bit crowded in this small space – and, needless to say, a bit cluttered, too. But I made the choice and am learning to live with the consequences.  And, as long as I remember the word “minimal” I will do okay.

Of course, I have written about other towels I wove.  My article  All for the Fun of Weaving describes my Swedish Lace project. You are welcome to check it out.

If you have a pet weaving project or a problem to solve on a current effort, please drop me a note. I will be happy to respond. And, I haven’t lost contact with some experts I have known for a long time.

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