Turkey Vultures on a Frosty Morning

$5.99 $4.99

$5.99 $4.99

Photo Greeting Card
Measures 5″ wide and 7″ high and is Blank Inside.
Printed with a fine-art printer on acid-free, archival quality paper.
Envelope included.
Photography by Judith StClaire.


Turkey Vultures on a Frosty Morning

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Our photographs are carefully chosen to inspire Your Personal Note. From our collection, you will find a photo to accent your message whether the occasion is a special anniversary or an “I’m thinking about you” day.

Turkey Vultures
Horror movies are a modern entertainment attraction. Mere mention of a vulture brings to mind menacing birds in hot pursuit. In truth, the opposite is the case. Like most raptors, Turkey Vultures are aloof and wary. Even from a distance, they quickly become aware of focused attention. A pair of binoculars, a telescope or a camera lens can cause a raptor to quickly distance itself from human intrusion. A cold, frosty morning when the birds are focused on warming themselves in bright sunlight is an ideal time to quickly point a camera in their direction. Even then, it is a good idea to hurry.


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