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Photo Greeting Card
Measuring 5″ wide and 7″ high, Blank Inside.
Printed with a fine-art printer on acid-free, archival quality paper.
Envelope included.
Photography by Judith StClaire.


Hawk on A Fence Post

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Our photographs are carefully chosen to inspire Your Personal Note. From our collection, you will find a photo to accent your message whether the occasion is a most special anniversary or an “I’m thinking about you” day.

Hawk on a fence Post
A Hawk on a fence post is not a rare sight. But, here is how it fits into my list of Things I Look For.

Years ago when my Mother became a widow, that unhappy woman came to live with me in Oregon. In my work, I traveled regularly throughout the rural areas of the State. When I could, I took both Mother and our Poodle, Mitzi-The-Wonder-Dog, along for the ride. Like I am, Mother was a Raptor watcher. And, in rural Oregon, there are plenty of them to see. Especially from the lookout vantage of a nice, solid fence post.

While I drove at high speeds up or down the I-5, Mother would look out her side window toward the fields we were rushing past. Every once in a while, she would shout, “Hawk! Hawk! Hawk on Fence Post!” I would cheer happily and The Wonder Dog would bark dutifully. So, when I see Hawk on Fence Post, I cannot help but snap its photo.


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