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Photo Greeting Card
Measuring 7″ wide and 5″ high, Blank Inside.
Printed with a fine-art printer on acid-free, archival quality paper.
Envelope included.
Photography by Judith StClaire.


Marsh Hawk in Morning Sun

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Our photographs are carefully chosen to inspire Your Personal Note. From our collection, you will find a photo to accent your message whether the occasion is a most special anniversary or an “I’m thinking about you” day.

A Marsh Hawk is a Harrier.
It is my belief this bird was first known as a Marsh Hawk, then later classified scientifically it became a Harrier. However, I must admit I am not a scientist, so the opposite could be true. At any rate, a Marsh Hawk is beautiful to watch as it hunts close to the ground and along the edges of ponds . In flight, the Marsh Hawk’s white rump shows as a bright white stripe across the top of its tail. This marking makes the Marsh Hawk easy to identify as it flies close to the ground dipping down to get a closer look at what may become lunch.

The bird in the photo is a juvenile, according to “Sibley Birds West.”

I’m still thinking: This bird was known as a Marsh Hawk first by locals, then later classified scientifically. If I’m wrong, somebody will let me know.


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