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Photo Greeting Card
Measuring 7″ wide and 5″ high, Blank Inside.
Printed with a fine-art printer on acid-free, archival quality paper.
Envelope included.
Photography by Judith StClaire.


Black-capped Chickadee

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Our photographs are carefully chosen to inspire Your Personal Note. From our collection, you will find a photo to accent your message whether the occasion is a most special anniversary or an “I’m thinking about you” day.

The tiny Black-capped Chickadee
weighs less than half an ounce, according to “Sibley Birds West.” It is about 5.25 inches long and has a wingspan of 8 inches. Who could predict how this little bird could be so very important to us humans?

Black-capped Chickadee travels from tree to bush accompanied by other small birds. The tree comes alive with activity as the tiny chickadees and their friends eat seeds, bugs and spiders. Their quiet chatter, somewhat like a company picnic, fills the air. It appears they are having a great time. With quick precision, the group devours a great number of bugs and seeds then flies together off to another location.

It is amazing when I put into perspective that the tiny Black-capped Chickadee weighs less than half an ounce but performs a very important service for those of us who don’t like bugs.


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