Cedar Waxwing Audience

$5.99 $4.99

$5.99 $4.99

Photo Greeting Card
Measuring 7″ wide and 5″ high, Blank Inside.
Printed with a fine-art printer on acid-free, archival quality paper.
Envelope included.
Photography by Judith StClaire.


Cedar Waxwing Audience

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Our photographs are carefully chosen to inspire Your Personal Note. From our collection, you will find a photo to accent your message whether the occasion is a most special anniversary or an “I’m thinking about you” day.

Cedar Waxwings
A Greeting Card with a photo depicting an audience of Cedar Waxwings brings up a story about how they travel in a flock and love a good bird tree.

Cedar Waxwings love a good bird tree. And when they come to visit, they bring the entire clan. Last winter, when the sun came out after a lengthy rainstorm, I saw the bare branches on my neighbor’s bird tree seem to come alive. Still in my pj-s and robe, I crammed my feet into slippers, grabbed camera and tripod and raced outside to record this event.

The berry tree in another neighbor’s yard, still loaded with berries now fermented, served as the attraction. The birds had a jolly time flitting back and forth between the two trees. They would fly off and eat as many berries as they could hold, then fly back to the bird tree and converse cheerfully about the experience. When I get the chance, I will edit the video and post it.

The bottom line is, Cedar Waxwings travel in a flock and love a good bird tree. When they come to visit, they bring the entire clan.


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