Great Blue Heron Gallery Photos

Great Blue Heron Gallery Photos

A very large bird, the Great Blue Heron is readily noticeable at water’s edge. This bird is really fun to watch which made developing the Great Blue Heron Gallery Photos an easy and fun task to perform.

Slowly, the Great Blue strolls through the water. With lightening quick jabs into the shallows, a fish is caught and swallowed in one fell swoop. Afterward, the big bird takes a cautious step along the water’s edge in search of another tasty morsel.

The best time to watch is shortly after the tide turns from an ebb to an incoming tide.  The new water rushing into the bay brings nutrients for bay residents. As the fish begin to feed, the Great Blue Heron, a ruler of the food chain, paces slowly along the shore in search of a meal of really fresh fish.

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