Egrets Gallery Photos

Egrets Gallery Photos

I don’t know if what I am about to tell you is in any All About Egrets publication. But, for what it is worth, after many years of living near northwestern Pacific Coast waterfronts, these are my observations. The Egrets Gallery Photos will feature mostly Common Egrets with few Snowy Egrets. No real preference here, simply which photos turned out to be keepers.

A favorite fishing place and time for shorebirds is near the entrance to the bay just after slack low tide, when ebb changes to flow. The time of day is not nearly as important as the status of the tide. Fresh ocean waters seem to generate activity among creatures hidden in tidal mud, making them easy targets for larger mud dwellers, small fish and shorebirds of all sizes. The Egrets here are among the guests at these feasts.

With their whiteness, Common and Snowy Egrets are difficult to photograph. Against a light colored background, a white bird loses about ninety percent of its dramatic impact.  The photos presented here are products of patient persistence.

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I hope you enjoyed the gallery, and would be happy to hear your thoughts about this small collection. Thank you for your interest.