Bald Eagle Gallery Photos

Two Bald Eagle chicks in a Snowy NestBald Eagle Birdwatching

Welcome to Bald Eagle Gallery Photos. When a person cannot get out into the field to observe a Bald Eagle nesting pair in the wild, watching by internet is the next best thing. Nest cameras present unique opportunities to see Eagles in their natural habitat.  The Institute for Wildlife Studies presents some amazing internet birdwatching. You, too, can visit their website. Here is the web address: Institute for Wildlife Studies.

Via the IWS internet site, we can see in real time several Bald Eagle nests and one Peregrine nest on Southern California islands. We also can see a Red Tailed Hawk nest at the Presidio in San Francisco. Nesting season begins in the fall and lasts until the chicks fledge in spring or early summer.

The pictures presented here in my Bald Eagle photo collection are just a sample.  Click on a photo to enlarge it and see its caption.

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