Jane Austen Books and Videos

Which Austen Book to Read First

Austen Books 4Recently, someone who desires to become acquainted with her writings asked me which Jane Austen book to read first.

What a great question! I have been an Austen fan for many years, and have read most of her books more than once. Also, I am an avid collector and watcher of movies and videos made from Austen’s books. Here is my answer. Continue reading “Jane Austen Books and Videos”

Anthony Trollope

An Englishman,

Anthony Trollope lived during a time that produced several prolific writers. He and Charles Dickens shared similar traumatic, debt-ridden childhoods. Anthony Trollope Books 2However, striking differences in their environments guided their writing voices. Dickens came from humble stock of rural Portsmouth and Southampton areas, and Trollope was the son of a London barrister who was a very poor businessman. So, between the two, there is plenty of variety in stories of the times. Continue reading “Anthony Trollope”