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I will talk to my friends and family here instead of on Facebook. Why, you may ask. Well, I’ll tell you.

Lately, on FB, I have seen click-art driven postings, like fancy greeting cards and touched-up photos showing how good a person will look at the age of ninety. And, there is a newer one which indicates the person posting suspects her/his readers have interest only in the photos they post and not the verbal content.

All of this is “Click-Art” and the clicker most likely has to submit some personal information in order to click the content s/he wishes to post to the FB account. With all the political high-jinks of Mr. Zuckerberg and his minions, I’m continually surprised how people keep falling for that ruse. So, while I wish to keep in touch with my friends, classmates and relatives who only use FB, I will post my thoughts and personal information I wish to share here and link it to my FB account.

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