Father and the Fiat

B1957 Fiatefore we get to the Fiat part,

I must tell you more about my father who was a genius. No, really, my dad was an inventor and a genuine genius of the “what goes up must come down” school of thought. You know, a physicist. Daddy was a mathematician who saw beyond what ordinary men saw, sort of like Newton or Einstein. He had complicated equations swimming around in his conscious, his subconscious, and, I’m sure, even in his unconscious mind. He often talked of dreaming in math, or in music, which, when you break it down, is math integrated with sound. Continue reading “Father and the Fiat”

Pebble Weave Described

Pebble Weave

Similar to the Inkle Weave in its weaving process, another type of pickup weave, called Pebble Weave, gets its name from the look of its speckled background.

[See Inkle Weave here.]

Believed to date back to the ancient cultures of the Andes, evidence of its use has been found in ruins of Aztec temples and in objects preserved in museums.  Continue reading “Pebble Weave Described”

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet CoatHappy Birthday To Me.

In May of 1960, I turned twenty-one, old enough to vote. At last! (Yes, in those days, you had to be twenty-one to vote.)

After leaving work on my birthday, I rode the ancient ferry back across Humboldt Bay. Standing at the aft of the vessel, a fresh breeze ruffled my hair and salted my lips.

Moored at the dock, the captain blew an extra long, ear-splitting blast on the horn. He waved his hand out the perpetually open wheelhouse window and shouted, “Happy Birthday, Judy!” I waved to him and smiled my sparkling twenty-one-year-old smile. Continue reading “Blue Velvet”

Warping Trapeze


Pebble Weave Deer
Pebble Weave Deer

You can’t swing on a Warping Trapeze.  If you’ve ever been a child, you most likely had an art class, or went to day camp, or if you were really lucky you spent a week at Scout camp.  And, I’d be willing to bet (a very small sum, of course) you wove something.  A potholder made of stretchy loops made on a six inch square metal loom.  A lanyard of plastic strands woven with a clip to hold a whistle or your ID tag.  A beaded bracelet woven on a little metal loom.  Or maybe you even pounded a few brads into the end of a wooden thread spool and tried your hand at spool knitting.  Am I right? Continue reading “Warping Trapeze”

The Search for Abby Rose

Sally Forth to Idaho

Early am on ShorePart 1

The interview with the actress Abby Rose was off. She was a no-show. After her announcement, the receptionist turned and marched out of the room. Black anger swirled behind her.

It’s true that Ms Rose always arrived fashionably late. An hour’s wait for her was normal. If we were patient, we would be rewarded with an encore of her signature dramatic walk-in, the perfect photo-op. Continue reading “The Search for Abby Rose”

Inkle Weave Explained

Inkle Weave

Pick-up …   Weave …   Change shed …   Beat  …   Tug …

Anyone who has woven an inkle band knows the routine.  We chant an eternal mantra while we teach a particular warp-faced pattern to our fingers.

  • 1- Pick-up warp to make the pattern;
  • 2- Weave the row close to the fell, leaving a small loop of weft;
  • 3- Change the shed;
  • 4- Beat by making a hard push toward the fell line with a beveled-edge shuttle; then,
  • 5- Tug gently and firmly on the weft to close the loop and bring the warp in line with the woven edge of the piece.

Continue reading “Inkle Weave Explained”

American Bald Eagle Photos

Reverence for the American Bald Eagle goes right along with our love of flag and country.  DDT became the go-to poison for insects that attacked California farm crops with drastic results for Raptors like the American Bald Eagle.

Long term DDT use caused raptors to produce eggs with soft shells that did not survive to hatch time.  With no surviving chicks, the American Bald Eagle was nearly extinct when measures were taken to reverse the impact.  The Institute for Wildlife Studies (IWS) has played an important part in monitoring American Bald Eagle populations, supporting and studying their comeback to places like the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California. Continue reading “American Bald Eagle Photos”

Peregrine Falcon Photos

Birdwatching by Internet

Not all birds I like to see are within my walking radius. So, birdwatching sometimes takes me to the internet where I found the Institute for Wildlife Studies.  On its website, the IWS maintains a number of live nest cams, several inhabited by American Bald Eagles, one nest with Red Tailed Hawks and one with a Peregrine Falcon family. Continue reading “Peregrine Falcon Photos”


Let’s improve our health by walking a couple of miles every day or so. Oh, yes, there will be birdwatching.

Before today,

if you asked me what I want to do when I grow old, the answer would be: “I haven’t got a clue.” But, in one short year, I will turn eighty. I’ll be an octogenarian. If the years don’t make me old, that label certainly will.

Okay, here I have to be straight with you. As I consider my own future, I’m going to take you with me. Perhaps we’ll get a glimpse into what lies ahead. Continue reading “Birdwatching”