Photo Greeting Cards, The Roll Out

It is Show Time!

The roll out is here at last!  We present our product, Photo Greeting Cards, for your review.  More than sixty card designs to choose from.  And, we are looking at developing a line of Photo Postcards.

All the pieces – Photographs – Card Design – Editing – Website Construction – are done.  Card Stock and envelopes are ordered.  A new Art Printer is plugged in and ready to go.  Our welcome mat is swept and our door is open.

Come on in!

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Our Mission and Policies

Here we spell out what we wish to accomplish, how we will conduct ourselves and our Photo Greeting Card business.  You know, the “nuts and bolts” part of an internet commerce venture.

Click our Logo read about us.

Click our Logo to read about our Policies and Procedures


Nervous as a Jumping Bean

Thanks go out to all who encouraged us to enter this arena.  We hope you enjoy our roll out and that this is what you had in mind.  We are looking forward to reviews from you all.

Happy Days, JStC