Melania’s Graffiti Message

Melania Trump boards plane

Our First Lady

and her stylishly crumpled green Zara jacket with a graffiti message painted on it did not make clear, at least not to me, what it is Melania Trump really doesn’t care about. It’s all well and good to paint a message on the back of your jacket and then board – or debark from – an aircraft, but if you are the First Lady of the United States, you gotta make darned sure anyone who reads your message knows what the heck you mean. I’m sorry. I just don’t get it.

The graffiti message tells us Melania Trump really doesn’t care.

The First Lady doesn’t care about what? This is not at all clear. Really. When I consider the fellow the First Lady is tied to by marriage and probably also by pre-nup, I could think of quite a few things I’d paint on stuff if I stood in those stilettos. Couldn’t you? If the woman wants us to know what it is that she really doesn’t care about, she has got to make it clear. So, what is it?

Melania Graffiti JacketOur First Lady obviously loves her own child and took prodigious care to keep him in school in New York instead of moving to the White House after the inauguration. Melania’s child came first and the horrendous cost to American taxpayers was of no matter to the Trumps. Mrs Trump made a strong statement. She stood fast by her commitment. **Put the Child First** Melania cared about her child and it was obvious to all who observed . Following her early assertions as First Lady, we are bound to believe her commitment to children assumes all children.

First lady Melania Trump boards a plane at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Thursday, June 21, 2018, to travel to Texas. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

I cannot fathom the thought that she might not care what happened to the poor children who, with very little food and next to no water, walked a thousand miles toward freedom and away from fear and oppression in their own lawless countries.

They believed when they arrived in America, there would be no fear of losing a parent or a sibling to death by thugs of organized crime. There would be safety. There would be water. There would be food.

And at the end of the long trek,

when weary feet touched hallowed ground of the Land of the Free, the children’s parents were snatched away. The children’s only security was suddenly gone. From tots to teens the kids were caged in wire pens. A different kind of cold fear entered their bones and gripped their hearts. There was no parent to comfort them and keep them safe from fear, and safe from harm. I have to believe a woman who cares about her own child as Melania does would think about these children at this horrible time in their young lives.

Was the First Lady advised

Melania’s Jacket with Grafiti Message

that the imprisoned parents knew nothing of their children’s plight?

  • Did she know some of the babes were transported to far off states in the dead of night so no ordinary citizens would witness the most extreme bullying possible from a government agency gone bad?
  • Did she know that no records were kept of whose child was whose?
  • Did she know that no records were kept of which child was in which camp or in which care facility or which foster home in which far off state?
  • Did anyone tell her there were no plans made about how any of the children would be reunited with their parents?
  • Did she feel in her bones how it would be if her child were snatched from her in this way?  And did she think about how it would be to never ever see him again?

As a woman and as a parent,

Graffiti Message Revealed

I have to believe Melania Trump cares. I have no choice. To think she does not would be crazy making. Who else in the White House cares? I cannot name one person in the Trump Administration who has indicated any intention to see this horrible wrong righted.

Therefore, the onus is on Melania to care about the most unfortunate families in our country’s recent history. She has a White House platform. It will take guts and determination to use it. At this writing, at this moment, the First Lady is my only hope for a concerted White House effort to right a horrible wrong and reunite falsely imprisoned children with parents who were arrested and imprisoned for committing a misdemeanor.

And so, it is time to come back to the flak jacket with the unfathomable graffiti message. I am convinced Melania Trump cares about children. (I would be extremely disappointed to be found wrong.) In order to answer her question accurately, though, we need first to find out just what it is that Melania Trump, our First Lady, does not care about and wants to know if we agree with her. Undoubtedly, she knows she has a pulpit. Right? So, if someone will hand her a live mic, of which there must be a million in Washington DC, and if she would step up on the dais and talk to us, we can learn what it is that she doesn’t care about and on what subject she wants to know our opinion.

Meanwhile, the First Lady must lead a national effort

to get all of those poor frightened and traumatized children back to their maltreated parents. She has all the necessary resources at hand and could command all the volunteer assistance she needed from a nation full of parents. On top of a successful venture, she could earn a place in history alongside the Statue of Liberty.

Great Blue Heron after Storm
Great Blue Heron, back to the wind after a major Storm. Photographer Judith StClaire

We do not need to author an obscure graffiti message to emphasize that the winds of misfortune can change. This photo of a Great Blue Heron on a sunny morning with his back toward the wind after surviving an horrific winter storm tells us we can overcome even unfair odds. I look forward to the day this nightmare is over and all the families are reunited. I have to hope this will happen, or else I will go mad.


Author: Judith StClaire

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