Peregrine Falcon Photos

Peregrine Male Closeup

Birdwatching by Internet

Not all birds I like to see are within my walking radius. So, birdwatching sometimes takes me to the internet where I found the Institute for Wildlife Studies.  On its website, the IWS maintains a number of live nest cams, several inhabited by American Bald Eagles, one nest with Red Tailed Hawks and one with a Peregrine Falcon family.

New Hatchlings

As I write this post, the Peregrine Falcon family is increasing by three hatchlings, two of which hatched on April 30, and one hopefully will hatch today or tomorrow.  I will be adding photos to the

Peregrine Falcon Family Album

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Check out the 

The Mission of the Institute for Wildlife Studies is to gather information necessary to maintain biodiversity and viable populations of all species, and enhance our understanding of the animals with which we share our world.



Author: Judith StClaire

As age sneaks up, we need to walk a couple of miles a day to remind our bones their job is to hold us upright. The process of walking can be dull unless you observe your surroundings. So, we talk to people we meet along the way and watch birds in their environments. You are cordially invited to come along.

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