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Reverence for the American Bald Eagle goes right along with our love of flag and country.  DDT became the go-to poison for insects that attacked California farm crops with drastic results for Raptors like the American Bald Eagle.

American Bald Eagle Dad Alert Part 2Crop

Long term DDT use caused raptors to produce eggs with soft shells that did not survive to hatch time.  With no surviving chicks, the American Bald Eagle was nearly extinct when measures were taken to reverse the impact.  The Institute for Wildlife Studies (IWS) has played an important part in monitoring American Bald Eagle populations, supporting and studying their comeback to places like the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California.

Photo Album: American Bald Eagle

All the nests in the photos are monitored by IWS 24/7.  Click on a photo to enlarge.

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The Mission of the Institute for Wildlife Studies is to gather information necessary to maintain biodiversity and viable populations of all species, and enhance our understanding of the animals with which we share our world.


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