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Photo Greeting Cards

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A Great Combo

Photography is more than a Hobby

A photographer studied with experts, competed in camera clubs and practiced.  She made Photo Greeting Cards for personal use.  Now?  Well, we shall see . . .  

Bird Watching is more than a Hobby

Walking has long term health benefits.  So, walk as if your heart depended upon it.  As you walk, look up.  Lo, and behold, there are birds!  Hurry.  Get the camera! 

Photography plus Bird Watching equal Photo Greeting Cards

Pelican Laugh

Well Done! What else you got?

Best Length for a Video?

“The Kid” is a college man now.  He built my new computer – the one with bird photos stuck to the side.  I asked him, “What’s the best length for a web page video?”

“Not more than 3 minutes,” he said.  “And that’s pushing it.  Two minutes would be better.”

Doubtful at first, I put my trust in The Kid and forged ahead.  What do you think?  Two minutes?  Three?  More?  Less?  I’d like to know.

Cedar Waxwing

Our First Opinion Poll

Should our videos be short?

Video Survey

Okay, I'm in! Now, Let's See the Bottom Line.

We Answer Questions

What’s up with the Snowy Egret and those Yellow Feet?

Raven 1 inch 300 px

How do you tell a Raven from a Crow?  Is there really a difference or are they the same bird?    

Pelican Laugh 1 inch

Does a Pelican make a sound when it laughs? 

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