New Website Builder Judith StClaire

Welcome to the new  Home Page – judithstclaire.com!

We have changed our web host back to Word Press and have  purchased an https rating for www.judithstclaire.com. Our account is now as secure a site as we can make it. We dropped the fancy-schmancy theme. Although it had some neat bells and whistles, it made site navigation too cumbersome. We’ve done it. Our Home Page is Alive!

Scroll down to see what else is happening. I think you will like the way our Photo Galleries are reorganized with up-to-date photo additions from yesterday’s walk along the bay. When a new photo is added, it will appear at the top of the stack, instead of disappearing at the bottom. We are excited about the changes and invite you to check back often.

What a lot of work it has been! Even the old Blog has a new look.

There are no magic wands to assist in building a new website, but there are some very new tools. While I know a little more (perhaps a very little) than I did in the beginning. Even so, some changes or “improvements” in the process of new website building were confounding and more than a little troublesome. But, once a techie, always a techie, so I had no choice but to stick it out.

Please let me know what features in this new format you like and what part is easy or difficult for you. For example, is it easier to navigate? And, of course, let me know what you’d like to see changed or improved.


Come on in and make yourself at home!    J

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